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Judicial incompetence turning Japan into terrorists’ paradise

UTokyo staff union + Greater Tokyo parttime university lecturers union November 2018

The general public living on the archipelago of the rising sun is a far more normal people than they have long been internationally reputed in association with Samurai, Harakiri, Kamikaze, and Yakuza. Certainly, an overwhelming majority of Japan’s resident nationals were duly shocked and disenchanted when the district attorney in charge decided not to prosecute Masato Uchida, the former senior executive board member at Nihon University, the largest private university in Japan, who had also been the Fuhrer of the university’s football team and had persuaded one of his team members into physically terrorist-attacking an opponent player during an official match. The appalling act of terrorism, where the attacker brutally headbutted with his helmet on straight into the lower back of the victim who was thrown high up in the air, has been broadcast and shared to incite national outrage. 続きを読む

Protest against Japanese legal injustice and judicial sexism

Protest against Japanese legal injustice and judicial sexism

UTokyo staff union November 2018

The Japanese legal justice system has long been internationally notorious for its characteristic inactivism and ostensible neutralism. Non-intervention to private contractual affairs might sound benign, yet effectively sides with the bullies by refusing to protect the victims. Such judicial absenteeism deprives the Japanese society of law and order, benefiting the powerful, the wealthy, the unethical, and the hateful, by neglecting the rights and the interests of the poor, the powerless, the honest, and the disadvantaged. 続きを読む